About the writer:

That’s me, tooth-picking with an axe, what did you expect? A hipster writer picture? The name is Phillip Gruneich, even sounding so foreign, i’m actually born in Brazil, in June, 1988. I’ve began to grow interest on movies around 2005, when i started wondering if there were something beyond what went on TV. I was right and ended up stuck in a pile of classic movies and resources. I joined film school in 2007 and, after some delay, i’m graduating in a few months (2012). I’m specializing myself in storytelling, screenwriting and short films.

About the blog:

While doing my final research for college, i realized there’s barely nothing written on short films. The decent bibliography for screenwriting is already scarce for feature films, yet their little brothers suffer further more. After studying quite hard to deliver a good short film script, i found out that the same rules applied to feature films, don’t necessarily apply into shorter ones. There are discrepancies in the way to deal with the narrative elements, therefore, i began to sift the ideas behind screenwriting to create the foremost method to produce finer scripts for short films.

Why short films?

Unless you have a well-selected network of family and friends, you need something to start a film career and a short film is possibly the best thing to have in hands whenever you knock any marble door in LA. Besides that, develop short films will mature your knowledge on the craft. People take years to write a script for a feature film, because it is not easy, there’s always room to improvement and you have the best school in short films. They can be your business cards and your professional refinement.

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In order to contact me you may simply comment in any of my posts. I’ll reach you. If you’re too shy to expose yourself that much, you can always use the contact form to send a message.


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