Short of Stories returns!

Almost four months away from these lands i adore. But for good reasons: 1) i was too busy working; 2) there wasn’t much left to talk. There’s nothing to talk about the first, yet the latter demands some sort of attention. Short of Stories has a theme, but wasn’t planned, there was no schedule and soon the well went dry. Writing about the craft of screenwriting is hard, when you reduce the niche to short films it gets even harder. There are several great screenwriting blogs around, yet they don’t DISCUSS the craft all the time, most of them post news about the screenwriting business scenario, inspiring quotes. It’s talking ON screenwriting, not ABOUT. I’m certainly not criticizing this way to build a screenwriting blog, sincerely it’s the way it has to be in order to keep a regular flux of posts, however it doesn’t mean that i’m going for it.

After all these months, i’ve prepared some sort of schedule to keep Short of Stories going. What follows is a list of subjects i’m willing to approach in the upcoming weeks:

  1. Successful short films: this will be our regular posting, covering great shorts films and what we can extract from them. Expect Pixar;
  2. Short Formats – Web Series: returning to my series to fix this huge mistake. How could i miss web series?
  3. Feedback: what it REALLY is and how to get the proper one;
  4. Funding: How to get the money to produce the short film. Crowdfunding anyone?
  5. Apps to help you develop your story: Covering some applications to make your life easier (unfortunately this will be mac only).

Remember that i’m really open to dialogue. I would love to review reader’s scripts or watch their short films. And write about it, obviously. Use the contact form or the comments’ section to send suggestions and whatever you feel that this blog is missing.

Overall, i hope this is a good pick-up point. Stay tuned.


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