What Short of Stories is all about?

This blog has no intention to be a vehicle to review short films, Short of the Week is a much more stable place, with several shorts listed. Simply top-notch. Most (if not all) films you have seen around here were already posted and reviewed at SOTW earlier.

Short of Stories is all about storytelling, the title sort of implies that. It is willing to cover one of the biggest gaps of the short film world: screenwriting. Often short films discussions circumscribe at budget. Make it the cheapest. As an amateur you freeze and lock your idea to the ground, unable to let it flow because the higher, the pricier.

The narrative breakthrough is the babystep for a good film. Is not the money. There are one million and one hundred dollars ideas, what you can’t do is film the one million idea with one hundred. Is like trying to fit in that pullover given by your grandma when you were five. Yet if we cut the one million idea until you reach the budget you need, you won’t have the idea anymore and you will live over the assumption of what it could be. Pushing our pullover forward, you’d keep only the label.

We don’t see budget. We don’t discern by cost. We want to watch a great story. And this blog aspires to be the place to discuss narrative. The main pillar for a good film.

About this blog, we don’t mind to befriend you at our Google Plus’ page and we also invite you to follow us on Twitter. And we’re also intending to expand it further along the road, because this is an unique blog.

We know that we have visitors from the entire globe and my biggest desire is to keep it that way. I don’t expect you to bookmark us, however i’d appreciate if you came back, as i can guarantee that there will be something interesting waiting for you.

For the following week you can expect more articles on the nature of screenwriting for short films and a very interesting interview by the week. That’s all i can say.

Stick around, it’ll be pleasant.


2 Responses to “What Short of Stories is all about?”

  1. 1 ellyche June 5, 2012 at 12:27 pm

    this is intriguing! I’m a media student who still has no idea where my life is going :P

    • 2 Phillip Gruneich June 5, 2012 at 5:33 pm

      We don’t know, i always tell my freshmen, “if you’re here because you enjoy watching movies in the holidays, this is not the right place for you” and after their first film set “if you didn’t get horny in here, you should be doing something else.” Rarely people get at film school and achieve their initial objectives, that’s not due to failure, but to getting a new passion.

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