Short Formats: Campaign Film

Campaign films have quite the same formula as advertisements, yet, instead of selling a product, they’re spreading consciousness. It’s pretty generic, but that’s not much beyond that. They commonly incite the public into lifestyle changes, often in the environment subject. So, yeah, “message films”.

Foremost, that doesn’t mean that these films are as cliché as those powerpoint presentations you receive from your aunt, nevertheless, just telling people to recycle their garbage simply won’t work. Campaign ideas must be awesome, to say the least, because even if the watcher doesn’t actually has their life changed, he’s going to share it into they social medias and before you noted the shit has gone viral.

The best example is Plastic Bag, by Ramin Bahrani, narrated by our dear Werner Herzog.

This approach is a great example on how a change of point of view can give you a brand-new idea. Besides, you must acknowledge that this is the Isle of Flowers school and that this narrative approach can bring you either a campaign film or a comedy, like Life and Death of a Pumpkin. Plus, it’s a great way to confront the boundaries between fiction and documentary, because the image can be classified, most of the time, as documental, while the narration gives the film its fiction. If you want to check this method at its best, watch Sans Soleil, by Chris Marker.

If you’re a hippie, this is the way to go.

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