Table of Ideas

Here i am again to talk about short films. As i’ve been saying in my fractured monologue, commonly the best short-films to go viral are not character driven, but situation driven, using the character as tools to exploit the aimed moment. So stretch your hands, here comes an idea to work with:

A couple comfortably sit in a quite fancy restaurant table, but certainly not the best in town. They’re happy together, but misplaced in the background. Not used to all that candle light and proper manners. The waiter comes over, delivers the menus and brings a basket of bread. She looks at the menu, but he is dazzled by her beauty, she orders the soup and so does he. Enchanted. He puts his elbow in the table and it declines. The table is short in one leg. The bread rolls in the basket. She worries, but he gotta fix it, so he stoops down to check the damage. Emerges, smiles at her, takes a few paper napkins. Fold them and place under the broken leg. The soup arrives. They start the meal, however, the table tilts to the other side and the plate spills the hot soup over her lap. She stands up and starts to clean up the mess. He looks after her. The waiter comes over to check what’s happening and the man asks for another table, the waiter promises to get them the next free sit. She excuses and goes to the ladies’ room. The man gets angry and decides to fix this table once for all. Looks for something to use and gets the box-ring from his jacket pocket. Opens it, take the wedding ring out and keep it with himself. Place the box under the second short leg. The waiter brings two glasses of wine as an apology. The man asks him for the bill. The woman comes back with a wet stain in her dress. They drink some wine and another table’s leg completely break. Making fall over the woman’s side. The candles slip and set the table cloth on fire. The man, in a ballsy move, try to quench the flames, flipping the table over. The woman looks at him and finds the box-ring in the floor. Excited, she picks it up. He’s too busy to notice. She opens it and gets disappointed. Looks at him as if it was all a big joke and storms away from the restaurant. The man extinguishes the fire and searches for his lady. She’s already gone. He sits back at the chair. The waiter brings the bill.

This is just a brainstorm from a situation-driven plot and it can certainly be changed. Nevertheless, it’s noticeable the most important check-ins for a story: GOAL (propose her) and OBSTACLE (the broken table). With that we can move on, there’s a story somewhere there and our job is to harvest its finest.

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