Budget X Creativity

If you’re reading this it can only mean two things: 1. You know me or we’re Facebook friends somehow. 2. You’re a aspirant screenwriter and i’m accidentally good at SEO.  Perhaps you’re a film student looking for some advice for your graduation project. You wanna make a movie or something.

You recognize that you need a script for that, that shows how worthy these years in college were. Still, i believe you’re under a tight budget since the beginning. You won’t pay anyone; gonna use the university’s equipment; your mom will do the catering and your dad is the closest thing you’ll have to an executive producer. But that’s how filming your first important film looks like. Keep that in mind: filming. Not writing.

While writing you gotta let your imagination loose, you should not be pondering do we have the budget to film this? I used to think like that, then i showed a project to one of my teachers and he thought the idea was great, then he gave me an advice: you gotta stop thinking in low-budget. Went home thinking about it and said Fuck it! Included an airplane crash and a jaguar in the story and you know what? It got so much better i couldn’t let those two elements go away in the following drafts of the story. You’re working in the purpose of the story ONLY, if you don’t respect that, your writing won’t do either. You should replace your question to IS THIS WORTH FILMING? When the immediate reply is YES, you know the job is getting done.

Obviously, this process might not allow you to film the script due to a lack of money, nevertheless, in the meantime you created a decent script, learnt more about the craft and respected the idea. You must have several ideas, one of them will make a great low-budget film, just don’t waste a high concept story into a low-budget film.

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